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EST. 1998
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Bum Bag Drinks Cooler

Hobo Chic


Bum Bag Drinks Cooler

Hobo Chic

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  • Sturdy Tyvek construction and elasticated top
  • Waterproof and tear resistant
  • Will comfortably hold a can or stubby
  • May make you feel like a hobo
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Hood legends say that if you cover your beverage (alcoholic or otherwise) with a brown paper bag, it becomes invisible to the police. A bag, just like the Bum Bag Drinks Cooler.

Whether or not the legends are true, you can at least be assured it's not a dubious 1980s belt pouch, but rather an ingenious way to keep your drinks (and yourself) cool, while you kick it on the corner, watching for 5-O.

Perfect for BBQs, beaches and bright sunshiny days or just sitting on the stoop, pretending you’re in The Wire.
Please Note:
  • Won’t actually make your drink invisible to the police (or anyone else)
Product Features:
  • Sturdy, hardwearing Tyvek construction
  • Reflective, insulated interior
  • ’Brown Paper Bag’ exterior
  • Measures approximately 14cm(H) x 8cm(Ø)
  • Weighs approximately 60g

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Ah, Bum Bag Drinks Cooler... Shrouded in mystery. Many have purchased, but none returned to tell the tale... Yet! Will you be the first brave soul to Submit a Review?