Sunday opening, guest baristas, more great coffee!

We are now opening on Sundays from 10.00am to 3.00pm due to popular demand!  Our first two Sundays have been successful with a lovely chilled vibe.  During the coming weeks we will be welcoming some really talented guest baristas to work with us on Saturdays and Sundays so be sure to pop in and meet them.

Of course we are still bringing you the best coffee from the best artisan roasters in the land – including old friends and a few new partners.  Whichever coffee we are offering, you can always be sure it’s speciality coffee at its best, served with passion.


Choosing our Coffee

We have been asked a few times recently how we choose the different coffees that we offer at Bean & Bud.

We work with 5-6 of the best artisan roasters around the country.  All these roasters choose the very best beans and roast in small batches.  Often a roaster will have purchased the full micro-lot of a particular coffee.  At other times, as coffee is seasonal some of the roasters might be offering similar coffees.  For example, there are different harvesting seasons for Central America, East Africa, Indonesia etc.

We always look at which coffees our preferred roasters are offering at any time.  As we always offer two coffees and like to ensure that these contrast well with each other (for example so that one might be full-bodied and the other a little higher acidity) we look at which coffees balance each other.  We also like to contrast origins, so we might pair a Central American coffee with an African coffee.  We also try to plan ahead if we know that one of our roaster partners is expecting a particularly exciting coffee.

We get really excited every time we change our coffees, and we hope that our customers do to, and that you enjoy the opportunity of trying all the different coffees we offer.

Cupping Event

We held our first Cupping Event yesterday evening in partnership with Falcon Speciality Coffee, what we hope will be the first of many.  The evening was a great success, attended by around 18 people.  Most (though not all) of these were coffee professionals, although the event was open to all.  The evening started with a lovely buzz as people arrived and started chatting straight away, before Ruth welcomed everyone to Bean and Bud.  Holly Bowman from Falcon introduced five coffees from different regions, with a little background on each, and took people through the cupping process – not elegant, remember to slurp, you might dribble!

The coffees cupped were Mexico Finca Muxbal, Colombia Villa Esperanza, Brazil Fazenda Pantano, Ethiopia Hunda Oli and Kenya Kiawamaruru.  The two East African coffees proved to be really popular with everyone for their complex flavours.

The evening ended with a palate cleansing small cup of cold infused Phoenix Honey Orchid oolong tea.

We hope to hold more of these events, so do look out for information on Twitter, Facebook and the Website, or register your interest with us via any of the channels or in person in the shop!  We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

2013-07-23 04.01.43


New look Bean & Bud

We took the opportunity of closing for a couple of days to have a small refit of the shop.

The La Marzocco Strada espresso machine with its sleek curves and Italian styling now takes centre stage, bringing the craft of making the perfect espresso right to the forefront. The bright walls are adorned with beautiful prints from Sheffield pop artist Pete McKee and supplied by Harrogate’s own contemporary art gallery Redhouse Originals.  Altogether the changes have produced a bright, bold, clean and contemporary ambience in which to enjoy Bean & Bud’s carefully chosen and passionately produced coffees and teas.

2013-07-11 01.13.03

Current Coffee Menu

We have two fantastic coffees on at the moment.  They are quite contrasting in flavour so choose whichever suits your mood or come back and try both!

Dr Strangelove is the summer iteration of this fantastic blend from Extract Coffee.  Colombia Veracruz and Indonesia Gegarang make a bold, fruity and full-bodied cup with flavours of cherry compote and chocolate bourbon biscuits!

El Salvador Finca Las Nogales is a gorgeously rich and fruity single origin from Origin Coffee with citrus notes and also a lovely brazil nut finish.